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Royal Sheffield Cabinets are back!

As our company continues to grow, so does our popularity. And that of the high quality, custom built brands we proudly represent. So, back by popular demand, we welcome Royal Sheffield.

Welcome Home to Omega

Within the Royal Sheffield brand they offer a semi-custom line of cabinetry as well as a full custom series. This impressive line of cabinetry offers full customization and is built with the finest materials to your exact specification. They can even be mixed and matched to get those special full custom pieces where needed, without breaking the bank on a full custom kitchen.

Royal Sheffield by Omega Cabinets

As all of our products are, Royal Sheffield is hand built to last right here in America. This is an absolute priority at Click Cabinets and it is a standard we will not waver on. That way you'll have piece of mind knowing your new kitchen will last a lifetime and we'll have piece of mind knowing we are able to offer our clients a solid product we can proudly stand behind.


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