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Design-Craft & Yorktowne Training - Day #1

Our design team is being spoiled by Elkay (manufacturer of Design-Craft & Yorktowne Cabinetry) this week. We've also had the privilege to meet with many great staff members and other designers from across the U.S. It's always so interesting to hear everyone's unique stories about how they started in this crazy world of kitchen design that we all love so much!

Just check out this classy welcome party hosted by Sovereign Estate Wine here in beautiful Waconia, MN.

Meet Duke, The Sovereign Estate Wine mascot

Beautiful view of Lake Waconia

Baby grapes!

Relaxing before the real work starts tomorrow

We were excited about adding Design-Craft and Yorktowne to our line up a few months ago, and after this week we'll be product experts. We look forward to this additional knowledge base benifiting our amazing clients most of all!

A special thank you to Sovereign and Elkay for being so inviting and gratuitous!!

All products mentioned here and many more available at


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