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Top 10 Ways to spot Quality Kitchen Drawers

What's in your cabinet drawers? Do you have heavy items that your drawers can't handle? Do you have things that just won't fit because the drawer won't open all the way? Hate how your kids always slam them shut? It sounds like it is time for new kitchen cabinets.

Here are 10 things you need to know about drawers when shopping for kitchen cabinets.

1) Look for a full extension drawer. This means the drawer opens all the way and you can reach all the way to the back easily.

Full Extension Drawer

2) A solid wood box 1/2" - 3/4" thick is preferred. They are usually made with maple wood, but are sometimes available in premium woods like walnut.

Thick maple drawer box

3) Dovetail construction - this is key! The dovetail joints at the drawer box corners give the drawers their strength.

Dovetail cabinet drawer box

4) Weight capacity - A good quality drawer will have at least a 75 lb weight capacity, a better quality drawer will have a 100 lb capacity. No picture here, but check out our video for a cool demo!!

5) Blum Slow Close Guilds are a must as far as we're concerned. And come standard on all the cabinets we sell.

Slow close drawer glides

6) Removal clips - quick release clips make removing the drawers exceptionally easy and come in handy more often than you think. Just imagine who easy it could be to clean your drawers if you could easily remove them?

Easy removal clips

7) Adjustability - any good quality drawer will offer the user some flexibility. This allows for perfect alignment no mater the installation and provides peace of mind down the road.

Drawer adjustability

8) Easy Installation - This goes hand in hand with #6. Many homeowners, and even some contractors, are afraid to remove the drawers because they think they will be difficult to re-install. That is not the case with a high quality drawer. Just check out how easy it is in our video.

Easy install drawer glides

9) Encaptured bottoms - This is also a must for a good quality drawer. Without an encaptured bottom, it doesn't matter how well the rest of the drawer is constructed; there will be issues down the road.

Fully encaptured drawer box bottom

10) 4 Sided Box - This may sound silly because how do you not have a 4 sided box, right? Well, some cabinet companies cheap out and the fourth side doubles as the drawer header (or the pretty finished part you see when the drawer is closed). This makes it impossible to have a fully dovetailed box, because there would be no way to dovetail the header to the box. Instead it is typically glued and screwed - not the best option for strength or longevity.

4 Sided Drawer Box

Now that you are well versed in all things cabinet drawers, go ahead a shop around. You'll see that here at we only sell the best of the best and at the best price. We'd love to show you all that we have to offer and help you design a beautiful kitchen for you! Email us at, Call us at 906-553-6063, or Get Started on your next project by visiting our site.


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