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4 New Paint Colors for your Kitchen

We are thrilled to announce 4 new paint colors from StarMark Cabinetry for your Kitchen or Bath

Breeze, Capri, Portabella, Sage New Cabinet Paint from StarMark Cabinetry

Whenever we introduce new paint colors, it's always like Christmas morning for us here at, but this line up has us especially excited. Blue's, Gray's and Green's are SO HOT right now, so we're sure this addition to the StarMark line up is going to to be a huge hit!

And by introducing these 4 hot colors, StarMark is actually adding 32 new options when you include glazes and the option to use these colors on Maple or Oak.

Check out this beautiful palette...

Beeze, Capri, Portabella, Sage on Maple by StarMark Cabinetry
Beeze, Capri, Portabella, Sage on Maple with Chocolate Glaze by StarMark Cabinetry
Breeze, Capri, Portabella, and Sage with Ebony Glaze on Maple by StarMark Cabinetry
Breeze, Capri, Portabella, Sage with Nickel Glaze on Maple Wood by StarMark Cabinetry

The best part about this palette is not only that it's trendy, but they are classic colors as well. So you can confidently use one of the beautiful finishes in your kitchen or bathroom today, and not be worried that it will be out-of-date next year. It's almost as if StarMark selected these finishes from Sherwin Williams' historic line up.....hmmmmm, maybe they did!?!

And, as with all of StarMark's "painted" finishes, remember, they are actually an oven-cured, catalyzed tinted varnish. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind to know that you're getting the best finish available that will stand the test of time by not staining and being easy to clean.

Now, all that's left to do, is pick the color you like best for your kitchen or bath. It may be a tough choice, so call us - we're happy to help!

Much Love,

Krysta Starz

Owner & Lead Designer


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