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Design-Craft & Yorktown Training - Day #3 FACTORY TOUR!!!

The best day of training at Elkay's facility was definitely the factory tour!

Elkay has an amazing facility in Waconia, MN which we had the pleasure to walk through and see how they build everything by hand. The attention to detail is second to none.

Elkay factory sign

Starting with high quality plywood to build the cabinet boxes - 3/4" thick!!


Almost everything at Elkay is accomplished by hand. Therefore the attention to detail is spectacular. Check out the hand glazing process.

Hand applied glaze
Done by hand - it's artwork!

Even the distressing is an art form. Yes, that is a large rock being used to beat up the beautiful cabinets!

Distressing tools of the trade

And how do you best utilize your facility square footage? Hang doors and parts from the ceiling to dry, of course.

Look up!

Elkay is also riding the wave of the future by introducing the Flatline finishing process. It is really impressive! It ensures a consistent and even finish without the ability for mistake. Check out the video below!

Elkay's new high tech finishing system

Prior to assembly, the cabinet doors are lined up so the finish can be compared across all doors. This eliminates the possibility of the finish not perfectly matching from cabinet door to another.

Comparing the finished doors in one place

Assembly of each cabinet is also completed by hand, and always by at least two people. Not only does this help with the checks and balances, but it reduces cabinet damage upon assembly.

Cabinet assembly line

And finally, each cabinet is individually packaged with a custom made box to fit just right.

Loaded up on the semi and ready to go! These cabinets are finally headed for their new home.

Thank you, Elkay for allowing us this inside perspective into your impressive facility. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Our entire staff at is now well versed in your products and cannot wait to share our knowledge with our clients!


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