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Design-Craft & Yorktowne Cabinet Training - Day #2

Day #2 here at Elkay's Dream Center in Waconia, MN. It's been an immensely educational day!

First we had the pleasure of being introduced to the amazing Robb Best, CKD. He spoke to the neuroscience behind how people make decisions. We learned all about the ghost curve, average attention span, binary selection, the importance of sleep and how it physically effects you when you don't get enough, and when you need a brain boost - eat a banana instead of having another cup of coffee. So many topics Robb touched on can be applied to all aspects of our lives. We are so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to hear him speak.

Robb Best, CKD - The Science of Selling

After a lovely lunch, we spent most of the afternoon learning about up and coming Design-Craft and Yorktowne products and finishes as well as touring the new Dream Center Showroom featuring some very cool displays!

Design-Craft & Yorktowne mixed display - Beautiful Kitchen

Inside the drawer options from Design-Craft cabinetry. Wood or metal boxes are available depending on the look you prefer.

Drawer options from Design-Craft Cabinets

And check out this wood top from Grothouse!!! Absolutely breathtaking!!!

All products seen here and many more available at Check us out today so we can help design your dream space!


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