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Unlock the secret to perfect cabinets with our expert coaching—your dream kitchen starts here!

With so many choices and pushy salespeople out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. And when inexperienced designers offer conflicting advice, the process can become overwhelming.


Whether you’re just starting out or ready to order, a second set of professional eyes can help you avoid costly mistakes. You need a kitchen coach! Our experienced designers will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your cabinets are as functional as they are beautiful.

We offer flexible coaching options to suit your needs.

30-Min Design Review

If you just need a quick second opinion, our single 30-minute session is perfect for you.

60-Min Design Review

For those with a very detailed design or multiple spaces to discuss, our longer 60-minute session provides ample time to cover everything in detail.

x5 30-Min Design Reviews

For the ultimate in support, choose our package of five 30-minute sessions and have a kitchen coach with you every step of the way, from initial planning to final touches.

No matter your needs, we’ve got the right coaching option to make your kitchen dreams a reality!

a picture showing a proud and confident smiling blonde lady standing in front of a new kit




30-Min Design Review

  • Quick Expert Insights

  • Space Optimization

  • Product Selection Guidance

  • Cost-Effective Solution

  • No Sales Pressure

  • Convenient Scheduling

60-Min Design Review




Everything included in the single 30-Minute Session plus...

  • In-Depth Analysis

  • Multiple Spaces Coverage

  • Detailed Product Advice

  • Enhanced Customization

  • Extensive Q&A Opportunity

  • Stress-Free Planning

x5 30-Min Reviews




Everything included in the single sessions plus...

  • Continuous Support

  • Incremental Progress

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Comprehensive Coverage

  • Consistent Expertise

  • Reduced Stress

  • Client-Designer Relationship

   Coaching Choices   

Why a Kitchen Coach?

​Have you ever found yourself dreaming of your new kitchen, ready to pull the trigger, but lacking full confidence in the designer you’re working with? Sounds like you need a Kitchen Coach! Our team of designers turned consultants is dedicated to ensuring as many homeowners as possible achieve the best kitchen design. With thousands of kitchens under our belts, we’ve seen countless projects go south due to overlooked details and miscommunications.

In our experience, we’ve had numerous clients bring terrible designs to us—layouts that are impractical, product choices that don’t fit the space, and configurations that simply won’t work. It saddens us to see this over and over again, knowing the frustration, time, and money it costs homeowners. That’s why we’ve shifted our focus to help as many people as possible get the best kitchen possible.

There can be so many bumps along the way—incorrect measurements, unsuitable product choices, and layout issues can turn your dream project into a nightmare. Ensuring your cabinet order is exactly what you need can save you significant time, money, headache, and heartache. A second professional opinion can catch potential problems early and provide solutions that might not have been considered.

We’re here to provide honest, professional advice without any sales pressure. Peace of mind as a valuable second opinion is worth the few dollars is costs when it can save thousands. We want to help you navigate the complexities of kitchen design and create a space that’s both functional and beautiful.

Project Showcase

Each kitchen featured here highlights the exceptional talent and dedication of our Kitchen Coaches. From initial concept to final execution, these designs reflect our commitment to functionality, beauty, and client satisfaction. Our coaches have worked closely with homeowners to bring their visions to life, ensuring every detail is perfect. Let these stunning kitchens inspire you and demonstrate the difference that professional, personalized coaching can make.

Best experience ever of working with a kitchen designer. Very thorough and helpful.

Darlene, MI

We returned again to tackle our upstairs main bath. Incredibly satisfied all the way around.

Jonathan, NJ

Recommendations were key to avoiding layout gotchas. The end result is a kitchen that I find to be perfect! 

Raymond, FL

How to Work with a Kitchen Coach


To get the most out of your virtual meeting with a Kitchen Coach, follow these simple steps.


1) Prepare a list of questions and concerns you have about your kitchen design. This will ensure that you address all your sticking points during the session.


2) Be ready to screen share. Screen sharing is a great tool to use during the meeting, allowing your coach to see your design plans in real-time and provide immediate feedback.

3) Email your design to prior to your meeting time. This allows your Kitchen Coach to review your plans in advance and come prepared with tailored advice and suggestions.


4) Prioritize your top concerns. Focus on the things that matter most to get the biggest impact out of your meeting.


5) Lets discuss the brands you are looking at. If you know the cabinet brand or brands you are considering that will help us help answer your questions.


The more prepared you are for the meeting, the more helpful we can be. By sharing this information, your coach can provide more focused and effective guidance, helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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