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Terms & Conditions

Everyone has terms and conditions​ and Click is no different. We're not trying to hide anything, so please review below. And, of course, any questions, just ask!

Shade Variations: Click Cabinets, LLC shall do its very best to provide our customers with the most accurate color samples as possible. However, shade variation is to be expected when purchasing a natural product such as wood. All wood species are a product of nature and therefore Click Cabinets offers no guarantees on variations in color.

Samples: Are available upon request. Ask your Click representative for more info.

​Measurements: It is the responsibility of each client to provide Click Cabinets, LLC with accurate measurements of their space(s). Click Cabinets recommends hiring a professional contractor, installer or finish carpenter to assist with this process if the client is not 100% confident in their ability. It is recommended that the same professional who will be completing the product installation, be involved in the measuring process. Professionals who are trained in the field are more likely to catch potential installation issues during the measuring process than a typical homeowner is. Click Cabinets is in no way shape or form responsible for the measurements provided by clients or their hired professional. 

Construction projects typically change during the process. The design dimensions provided by Click Cabinets will be exact and based on the information provided by the client. Should any information change during the construction process, it is the responsibility of the client to inform Click Cabinets of such changes prior to ordering. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are providing Click Cabinets with accurate and updated information and dimensions at all times.

Take-offs/Drawings: Click Cabinets, LLC will provide custom drawings for each space. It is the responsibility of each client to verify that the drawings provided  accurately reflect the space they represent.

Ordering: All orders placed with Click Cabinets, LLC are considered 'Special/Custom Order' and are not stock items. Therefore, 100% payment is due at the time of purchase to secure the purchase and orders may not be changed.

Free Delivery: Free job site delivery is available on orders of 10 cabinets or more.

Additional Payment Information: Click Cabinets, LLC accepts all major credit cards as well as eCheck/ACH. Clients can avoid our 2.5% credit card processing fee by paying by check.

Order Cancellations: All orders are final and cannot be cancelled at any time for any reason.

Lead Times: Click Cabinets, LLC will act on their clients behalf as a purchasing agent between the client and the manufacturer/distributor. Click Cabinets shall use reasonable effort to expedite their clients orders, however, clients should not expect any lead times faster than those as outlined in their contract agreement with Click Cabinets (typically 6-10 weeks, depending on product selection). Click Cabinets is not responsible for extended lead times for any reason.

​Delivery & Storage: Products will be delivered to the address of each client's choosing at the time of purchase. Deliveries are handled by local moving and logistics companies in each local area. The delivery company assigned to each client's delivery will contact the client directly to set up a delivery day and time frame. It is up to the client to make such arrangements with their assigned delivery agent within a timely manner. Products stored by the assigned delivery agent in excess of fourteen (14) days, may be subject to storage fees. Such storage fees are the responsibility of the client. 

If the client is not ready to accept the delivery of their product once it arrives to their assigned delivery agent, storage may be available for an additional fee by the delivery agent in select areas only. If the client's assigned delivery agent does not offer storage and the client chooses to store the cabinets themselves, Click Cabinets, LLC recommends a climate controlled storage area. Any other type of storage may void the manufacturer's warranty.

Material Inspection: Purchases do not need to be inspected at the time of delivery, however, it is the responsibility of each client to inspect their purchase within the allotted time frame as noted in the signed order contract. Any damage, manufacturers defect or incorrectly shipped items must be properly documented on the provided shipping manifest that will accompany the order delivery. Click Cabinets may also require photographs of damaged items. No claims of any nature will be considered upon the earlier of 1) the product is installed or 2) inspection time frame from product arrival have passed. 

Replacement Items: Should your order require any replacement items for any reason, replacement items will be re-shipped by the manufacturer as quickly as possible. In some cases, this may be within a few days, however, in most cases, this will be within a couple of weeks due to the nature of each item being built to order. Click Cabinets, LLC and our suppliers are not responsible in any way for any issues or additional charges such delay might cause.

Installation: Each client is responsible for proper and professional installation of their products purchased from Click Cabinets, LLC. Whether the client chooses to take on this task themselves or to hire a professional, Click Cabinets is in no way responsible for installation of their products. Proper installation is typically beyond the capabilities of many homeowners and therefore, Click Cabinets recommends hiring a professional contractor, installer or carpenter. Installation guides are available from upon request.

Returns: All purchases are final. Click Cabinets, LLC will accept no returns at any time for any reason.

Warranties: Each of Click Cabinets represented manufacturers offer their own product warranties. All products purchased from Click Cabinets, LLC are accompanied by such warranties. Click Cabinets offers no additional warranties. Warranties cover parts only. Costs associated with project delays or labor to replace warrantied parts is the responsibility of the client.

Products: All products sold by Click Cabinets, LLC are outsourced by the represented manufacturers. Click Cabinets does not produce or directly ship any of the products represented throughout our website or showroom. Therefore, Click Cabinets has no control over the packaging material or shipping methods utilized.

Privacy Policy: It is Click Cabinets, LLC's policy to never share our clients contact information or divulge any information about their projects for any reason. 

Legal Action: In the event of legal action, Delta County, Michigan will be the venue for litigation. Choice of law will be Michigan law. Clients who purchase from Click Cabinets, LLC waive their right to litigate outside of Delta County, Michigan or under any other states law.

Click Cabinets, LLC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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