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QUEST Cabinets

"Transcend the everyday."

With great design and even greater capacity, Design-Craft Cabinets offer more space inside than a typical framed cabinet. By eliminating the face frame every square inch of the interior of the cabinet can be utilized to its full potential. It may not sound like much, but it can actually add up to 8,790 extra cubic inches on a 10'x10' kitchen. Plus, the lack of the face frame does not effect the integrity of the cabinet - it's a win win!

Frameless, European style cabinets like Design-Craft are well known to appeal to the modern design seeker, but isn't always the case. Check out their cabinet doors styles and finishes below. Design-Craft offers everything from modern high gloss slab style to traditional arched top doors in cherry wood and everything in between.

Modern Frameless Cabinet Construction

Modeled after the European way to build high quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, frameless cabinets are built without the front face frame. This means the hinges are mounted right to the sides of the box and allow for full access to the entire interior of the cabinet providing more storage space. This also means the drawer boxes can be wider and, once installed, doors and drawers will fully cover the cabinet providing tighter reveals than a typical framed cabinet.

More storage space, clean modern cabinet lines and strength that lasts!

Plywood Box Construction

Although Design-Craft does offer a 3/4" thick furniture board box, it is our policy to automatically include the upgrade to a 3/4" plywood box.

By automatically including this feature, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are purchasing the best quality cabinet available.

No 'upgrade' conversation needed!

Peace & Quite - Standard

"Quite" cabinets my not be the first thing you look for when shopping for new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but they are certainly appreciated once installed. That's why Design-Craft automatically includes quiet close drawers and hinges.


No more slamming your cabinets closed!

Modern Storage Solutions

Vertical lift doors, back painted glass, smart pull-outs and storage bins, matching appliance panels, full width cutlery dividers, horizontal lift doors and auto motion drive just to name a few. 


Style & Convenience for the way you live! 

Look inside Design Craft Cabinets

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QUEST Kitchen Styles 

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QUEST Closet Styles 

QUEST Kitchen & Bath Finish Options

Thousands of finish options available, plus custom.

QUEST Closet Finish Options
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