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Please don't mind the mess while construction is going on.

We're sure you can relate!


"Transcend the everyday."


All Wood Cabinet Construction

Look inside Yorktowne Cabinets

Click any brochure to see inside!

Yorktowne Cabinet Door Styles

Click on any door style below to see additional details and available finishes.

Yorktowne Paint & Stain Options

Thousands of finish options available, plus custom.

Oak - Paint
Straight Grained Oak - Stain
Straight Grained Oak - Stain with Glaze
Straight Grained Oak - Specialty
Straight Grained Cherry - Stain
Straight Grained Cherry - Stain with Glaze
Straight Grained Maple - Stain
Straight Grained Maple - Stain with Glaze
Straight Grained Maple - Specialty
Rustic Maple - Stain
Rustic Maple - Stain with Glaze
Rustic Maple - Specialty
MDF - Paint
MDF - Paint with Highlight
Quartersawn Oak - Stain
Quartersawn Oak - Stain with Glaze
Quartersawn Oak - Paint
Quartersawn Oak - Specialty
Knotty Alder - Stain
Knotty Alder - Stain with Glaze
Knotty Alder - Specialty
Knotty Alder - Paint
Cherry - Stain
Cherry - Stain with Glaze
Cherry - Specialty
Cherry - Paint
Hickory - Stain
Hickory - Stain with Glaze
Hickory - Paint
Oak - Stain with Glaze
Oak - Stain
Oak - Specialty
Maple - Stain
Maple - Stain with Glaze
Maple - Paint
Maple - Paint with Glaze
Maple - Specialty
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